Our Chaplains

Airport chaplains serve with care, concern and confidentiality.

Each airport employee, each passenger, is a person with worth and dignity.  Some are at the airport every day and some are here only once in a lifetime.

The chaplains serve them all.

An airport chaplain…

  • Is a caring, understanding listener and counselor;
  • Is accessible any where throughout the airport;
  • offers information and counsel to help people meet many of life’s day-to-day problems and pressures;
  • seeks out the confused, lonely or grief-stricken passenger to offer comfort and consolation.

Al-YoungRev. Al Young

Presbyterian, serving since 7/1993

Volunteer Chaplains

AgioantonidesThe Rev. Father Bessarion Agioantonides

Eastern Orthodox, serving since 1/1994

Chaplain John BarelliThe Rev. John Barelli

Roman Catholic, serving since 4/2000

Chaplain-Doyle-BurkeMr. Doyle Burke

Presbyterian, serving since 2/2003

Chaplain-Joe-CadyThe Rev. Joe Cady

Roman Catholic, serving since 2/2003

The Rev. Jerry Clausen

United Church of Christ, serving since 1/2006

P1060155Ms. Becky Denison

Latter Day Saints, serving since 4/2004

IMG_3051.Godfrey.jpg2Mr. James Godfrey

Bible Church, serving since 9/2007

B.Rod156The Rev. Robert Rod

Lutheran, serving since 5/2013

Adam Shabazz 006Imam Adam Shabazz

Muslim, serving since 11/2011

The Rev. Phil Simeone

Roman Catholic, serving since 11/2000

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